Welcome to APNAUSA. We are all about empowering Asian Americans living in the USA to take part in the political process by becoming informed citizens.


We are dedicated to nurturing the talents of  Asian Americans for political empowerment, increasing awareness of our rights and responsibilities and supporting candidates across party lines who reflect our values.

Success Stories

Political battles are not measured in terms of loss or gain; their impacts are quantified in the span of time. For the first time, large numbers of Asian names were dazzling on ballots. Also, names of our allies were printed there that we supported.

We are proud of APNA USA endorsed candidates who won: 

Maureen Dunne
Lynn Casey-Maher
Sara Sadat
Raabia Khan
Bushra Amiwala
Natasha Sethi Grover
Eva Porter
Claire Goldenberg
Dr. Sheetal Khedkar Rao
Gopal Lalmalani – Mayor, Oakbrook
Steve Chirico – Mayor, Naperville
Asif Yusuf – Trustee, Oakbrook
Greg Schwarze
Herb Porter
Kevin Patrick
Andrew Honig
Dave Barry
Syed Abedi – Commissioner, Plainfield Park District
Asad Khan – Trustee, Streamwood Library
Zubair Khan
Robert General
Dr. Sandra Carlson – Valley View school district