APNA USA unites Asian American voters

Illinois has a new political networking group – Asian Political Network of America (APNA USA), (, which hopes to mobilize Asian American votes for 2019 and 2020 elections. Currently, APNA USA  has endorsed over three dozen candidates, whose details can be found on the website.

 “Our goal is to develop Asian Americans into a critical mass and make this group into a political bloc and powerhouse. Their votes should not be divided based on native nationality, ethnicity, race, faith, and language. We must work together as a political juggernaut,” said Moon Khan, the president of APNA USA.

Mohammed Faheem, who is contesting as a Trustee of Plainfield echoes similar enthusiasm and optimism. “Illinois is going through a new demographic revolution and evolution. Every electoral district is interspersed with Asian American voters who can play a catalyst like role in electing a winner,” said Faheem, who is APNA USA’s Secretary.

Gautam Bhatia, Vice President of APNA and the chairperson of the Indian American Community Outreach Advisory Board of the City of Aurora, envisions a new emerging reality. “APNA USA is creating a ‘ripple effect’ by encouraging Asian-Americans to participate in the political process and represent our community’s interests by standing for elected positions,” Gautam said.

Gautam is currently running for the District 204 School Board, the elections for which are scheduled for April 2nd.

Moin Haque, another Vice President of APNA USA, does not want to run for any office right now, but supports the organization’s mission. “Being a real estate professional, I notice the overwhelming presence of Asians Americans in terms of houses, businesses, and population. They generate more tax dollars than any ethnic groups. However, they are not on the political decision-making tables,” said Haque, a native of Naperville in Will County.

Pete (Prahlad) Tapaskar, Treasurer of APNA USA, encourages Asian American businesses to donate funds so this organization succeeds in reaching out to thousands of voters.

APNA USA is holding a MEET AND GREET with LAW MAKERS AND CANDIDATES on April 19th, Friday, at 6 PM, at 660 Industrial Drive, Elmhurst, Illinois at the headquarters of Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Union, Administrative District Council 1 of Illinois.

State Representatives Dianne Pappas, Karina Villa, Terra Howard, and Deb Conroy are sponsoring this event.

Dinner will be served. APNA USA is trying to make this event free.

All the municipal and other candidates will be recognized on the occasion. 

For partcipation, sponsorship and more information, contact Moon Khan at 630-479-8729.